Peter Grossmith

It is with a deep heart that we announce the sad passing of our friend and colleague, Peter.

He has worked with us for more than twenty years and over that period has become much more than simply a work colleague, he became a trusted and valued friend. He was forthright with his comments and was not scared to disagree if he thought that we were wrong, a trait that I really appreciated at times.

Peter had a wonderful memory and all you had to do was mention a clients name and he give you virtually every detail about the installation, panel type, where detectors were located even an approximate date that the system was installed. His technical knowledge was second to none and what he didn’t know, he found out about.

He had a wicked sense of humour and we often were on the receiving end of his jokes, but in all honesty, he could take a joke as well. I remember a conversation that I had with one long standing customer who said that they missed Peter coming in to see them because he “gave them hell” and the conversation was finished by her saying “and we gave it him back”. We will all miss that too.

Typically, when he was diagnosed with cancer he said that he was going to fight it and he certainly did. He organised his life and did the things that he wanted to do, culminating in a session gliding, towards the end of last year. He said that it was fantastic and didn’t know how he could top that. I suggested a parachute jump, but he said that it wasn’t exciting enough, so I said that if he wanted excitement, he should let me pack the chute, he declined my offer!

We all went out for meal in July (see attached photos) and Peter was on really good form as you can see.

Peter was a foundation stone of our company and we could not have developed in the way we have without his input, drive and devotion to us and our clients, we will miss him deeply.

Rest in Peace Peter.

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