Crosby Intruder Alarms can install a Wireless Alarm System to Lodges & Caravans giving Intruder & Fire Protection.

By utilising the HKC Quantum 70 Control Panel, we can protect your Lodge or Caravan against Intrusion or Fire. The HKC Control Panel has a range of wireless peripherals available offering a total solution for your holiday home or lodge. Peripherals include:-

  • Wireless Quad Element PIR
  • Wireless Door Contact
  • Wireless Shock Sensor
  • Wireless External Sounder
  • Wireless Internal Sounder
  • Wireless Keypad
  • Wireless Keyfob
  • Wireless Smoke Detector
  • Wireless Heat Detector
  • Wireless CO Detector
  • Wireless Panic Button
  • Digital Key (For Setting & Unsetting)
  • GSM Module (For SMS Messaging or App Notifications)

The HKC Quantum 70 Panel will facilitate up to 70 Zones.

The radio based passive infra-red detectors can be located to lounges, bedroom, corridors or kitchens. Magnetic contacts can be fitted to the main entrance door, patio doors and windows if required. The system can also be operated from outside the caravan or lodge if required by using a hand held digital key, allowing all detectors to be instant. With the addition of a GSM Module,  we can program the system to alert you and park wardens or security, of an activation by means of SMS (text message) or a Voice Call and now via HKC’s Cloud Based App.

The system can also programmed to send you an SMS Message or App Notification in the event of a Mains Failure/Restore. This useful feature allows you to monitor the status of the mains electrical supply. If the supply is lost you will be sent a text/notification notifying you that the electricity is off. When the mains is restored you will get another text informing of that. This eliminates the risk of you or your family contracting food poisoning, due to your freezer defrosting and re-freezing the food.

For protection against fire or carbon monoxide poisoning, connect Wireless Smoke, Heat and CO detectors to the system. These are wirelessly interlinked, meaning if one detector activates it will in turn activate the other detectors, causing an audible warning throughout the protected premises, this in addition to pulsing the internal sounders and external sounders. The Wireless Smoke, Heat and CO detectors have a built in 10 year lithium battery, meaning that the battery will last the life of the detector. It does however, use a lithium battery for the wireless interlink to the other detectors which will last around 3 years.

Our system is also ideal for Holiday Park Owners or Lodge/Caravan Owners who let properties out. We install a Tablet in the Main Holiday Park Office that records all events from the Alarm System whether it be Set/Unset, Intruder, Fire, CO or Faults. A Push Notification is sent to the App which is pre-installed for each unit in the event that a notification is received the Park Manager, Security or Warden can log in to the Alarm System, silence it if required, unset the alarm and set it again. They can also view the last 100 events of the log and email it directly from the App for their records. The notifications can then go to Park Staff Mobiles who can respond to activations and also the Caravan/Lodge Owner. Each App can be configured to received different signals.

Below is a diagram of how our system operates:-


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