From a simple domestic single camera system, right up to a remotely monitored, fully functional pan, tilt and zoom system with multiple cameras, Crosby Intruder Alarms can design a system to meet your exacting requirements, for a lot less than you think.


Using equipment from Videcon and some of the other big names in the CCTV market, we will install quality systems in colour, or even a camera that

 gives colour images throughout the day and automatically switches to infra-red sensitive monochrome once the prevailing light levels drop below a pre-determined point at night.

Fully functional dome cameras offer discreet surveillance with full flexibility.

Systems can be installed internally or by using weatherproof housings, externally. Multiple images can be displayed on a single monitor by using sequential switchers or multiplexers. However, all DVR’s that we use have this facility built in without the need of a multiplexer or switching unit.


Video transmission systems mean that images from your cameras can be sent to anywhere in the world, or to a dedicated CCTV monitoring station.The majority of DVR’s that we use have TCP/IP functionality built in allowing you to remotely view your CCTV over the internet on a PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

On large sites, pre-determined camera routines can be programmed so that the cameras can regularly tour the site recording images as they go. Audio communication from the ARC are also possible, allowing the controller to inform the intruder that they have been detected and that the Police have been dispatched.

Hard Disk Recorders

There are many different makes and models of hard disk recorders available today, which makes it extremely difficult to choose the best system to use. After extensive tests of various systems, we chose the Dynamic CCTV & Videcon Concept Pro Range of DVR’s and their other versions as our primary lower end recorders.


Both DVR’s offer a solution to provide a tailor made recorder that meets our clients requirements. The DVR’s can be expanded up to 8TB and can easily give in excess of thirty days of high quality recordings for all 16 cameras, depending on the model installed.

For higher end CCTV installations we have chosen the Samsung Range of Equipment or the Dedicated Micros Digital Sprite 2 (if the system is going to be communicated to an ARC). The DS2 combines Transmission with Telemetry Control and Recording into one platform so there is no need for additional hardware when integrating a comprehensive CCTV solution.


The DS2 features Multi-mode recording which gives greater control over individual cameras providing settable recording resolutions (4CIF down to QCIF), dynamically switchable MPEG-4/JPEG compression settings and configurable record rates per camera. This increased flexibility allows greater freedom in how CCTV systems can be configured and allows the user to record cameras how they like, when they like.

The Samsung Range of DVR’s offer you a range of features and can record at full D1 resolution with H.264 Compression. The DVR’s are very user friendly and can you can connect either static cameras to it or use a range of PTZ Cameras with Samsung’s touch screen Control Keyboard.

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