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We can install the simplest domestic intruder alarm system to the most technically advanced commercial alarm system to full European Standards, BS8243:2010, PD6662:2010 & EN50131-1:2006+A1:2009, now fully updated since they were introduced at the 1st October 2005. Texecom Panel

We mainly specialise in upload/download systems by Texecom and use the Premier Elite range of systems. We also use the Honeywell Galaxy & HKC  range of Control Panels too, all of these  allow remote access to the control panel permitting remote resets and programming to be done, without the need for an engineer to attend the premises. This represents a great saving in what has been traditionally charged for in the alarm industry. A dedicated phone line or Broadband Connection will usually be required for this service.

Our domestic installations offer a competitively priced solution to protect your property. On our commercial installations, we only install dual technology detectors which greatly reduce the risk of false activation’s and minimises the chances of loosing your police response to the system. Again we have chosen the Texecom & Honeywell range of detectors for both Grade 2 and 3 installations.

In 2011 we started to use a Control Panel manufactured by Irish Manufacturer, HKC Limited. The HKC Quantum 70 is a fully Wireless 70 zone alarm panel. The Keypad and Internal Sounder are on board the main Control Panel meaning that less space is taken up.


The PIR’s are “Pet Tolerant” Programmable meaning that if after you have the alarm installed you decided that you are going to have a pet, we only have to make a programming change within the Control Panel rather than have to replace your Detectors. The External Sounder is also Wireless, however this can be connected to a permanent 12V supply if you worry about the battery life. We can also fit an extra 6V battery pack into the sounder to control “comfort LED’s” so that it is obvious that the external sounder is live and not a decoy as most Wireless Sounders look like.

We also use the HKC Quantum 70 & SW1070 control panels and Texecom Premier Elite for domestic installations. These panels are primarily a wired system (with the exception of the Quantum 70, however they have the functionality to become a Hybrid Wireless system.

All our engineers are City & Guilds qualified, or are working towards their qualifications. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and can offer you a custom designed intruder alarm, tailored to your individual needs, at a price that will please your pocket.

Honeywell have now introduced a Radio Portal that can be connected to the data bus. This allows a number of radio detectors (number depends on the panel version) such as radio arming/disarming keyfob, PA keyfob, PIR detectors, smoke detectors, flood and water detectors and the first radio based dual technology available in the UK. These new radio portals can also be fitted to the Grade 3 Dimension panel; although the installation will only be graded as a Grade 2 as there are no standards as yet covering Grade 3 Radio devices.Keypad

Texecom have introduced a Ricochet System which utilises Mesh Technology meaning that the Wireless Detectors act as repeaters too. The Ricochet Module can be fitted to all Texecom Premier range of Control Panels.

Both the HKC Quantum 70 and SW1070 panels have built in receivers and can each be expanded up to 70 wireless zones.

For the domestic installation in particular, the radio option means less mess, less wiring and less disruption whilst our engineers install the system.

If you can provide us with a connection to your existing telephone line (cable or BT) we will connect your system up to our text messenger that will signal alarm activation’s etc to up to three mobile phones. This facility is installed free of charge if a suitable phone socket has been fitted.

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