Majik House

Crosby Intruder Alarms have partnered up with a Home Automation Company called The Majik House Company Limited (Majik House). They have been in existence for 10 years and have now established themselves as one of the longest serving Home Automation Companies in the UK.

Majik House

Crosby Intruder Alarms have worked with Majik House on a number of Installations throughout the UK. We have the ability to integrate our Alarm Systems with Majik House’s Automation Systems. Their service is of the highest standard and their installation skills are excellent.

Majik House offer the following services:

System Design
Design is a key service that they provide. All systems need careful design to ensure the client gets what they want. They coordinate with the necessary trades people on site – electricians, QS, project managers ensuring interpretation is correct.

Lighting Design and Control
With excellent lighting designers in the company they can provide a look that will provide the clients home with an enhancing ambience. Control systems depend on the client requirements but Lutron is a system that never fails in their experience. The wireless system that they install on a regular basis is Rako.

Other systems are used if a client has a preference due to previous use of a system.

Sound Distribution
This area has advanced significantly in the last 2-3 years and the area that clients have most personal knowledge and understanding. The recent advent of Sonos makes music distributed through the home easy in installation terms and client use with a price tag that most can afford.

They also install top end Hi Fi systems for clients who have dedicated music rooms.

Cinema and TV Distribution
Whether the client requires a full home cinema including theatre style seating or great TV distribution throughout the home on plasma screens allowing sky to be viewed throughout, Installation of DVD servers and computer networking, they provide all these services and more.

Their strength in this area is the design ability to “hide” screens in a simple manner or with major “wow” factor.

System Integration
They say that the secret to this service is to make it possible for the whole family to use all systems effortlessly and wonder how they managed previously without it.

Their approach is to customise all controllers by working with the client on how it will be used and how they want it to look.

They can integrate gate systems, panic rooms, garage doors, security cameras, and computer viewing systems, telephone systems and more. It is a question of what a client needs to feel safe – they can do it.

For more information on Majik House, then why not visit their website www.majikhouse.com or contact Gary on gary@majikhouse.com .

You can also download their Company Profile by clicking here.

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