Make it difficult

Burglars will usually go for the “soft” target, so make your home more secure by making it difficult for them to get in.

On the outside

  • Install a number sign that is easily seen from the road. 
  • Trim or prune bushes away from ground floor windows and doors.
  • Plant thorny bushes below ground floor windows.
  • Gravel paths give audible warnings of persons entering your property.
  • Consider a fence with thorny bushes at the base.

On the inside

  • Keep gates locked with weatherproof padlocks.
  • Lock all exterior windows & doors.
  • Install laminated glass to windows and doors.
  • Install mortice locks and deadbolts to external doors.
  • Leave a spare key with your neighbour. Do not a hide a key outside the house.

Securing Your Valuables
Compile a list of your families valuables, room-by-room. Describe all items of high value, record make, model and serial numbers. Note the date of purchase and the price paid. Keep receipts where possible. Include photographs or video images.

Keep important valuables in your Bank or in a home safe. Put seldom worn jewellery, stamp and coin collections, stock or share certificates, bonds, deeds, wills, passports and other important documents in the Bank or home safe.

Engrave, or use an ultra-violet marker pen to write your post code and house number onto all valuables. [e.g. L23 0TR (20)]

Securing your property means much more than just installing a security alarm system and hoping for the best. The level of security afforded to your property can be substantially increased by connecting your alarm system to our purpose built “Alarms Receiving Centre”, (ARC). The ARC is manned by a team of professional controllers, fully trained to respond to varying alarm conditions. Having verified that the alarm is genuine, the appropriate authorities will be contacted. This happens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Crosby Intruder Alarms offer all their customers the peace of mind of twenty four hour monitoring if required. (Most systems can be upgraded to a monitored system for a lot less that generally thought).

See our Products & Services pages for details of all our monitored systems. If our packages don’t fully meet your requirements, we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements with the ARC. 

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