RedCare ADSL Broadband Compatibility

BT_RedcareAs of 31 July 2003, selected redcare services are now compatible with high-speed ADSL broadband internet connections. Customers with an ADSL connection on their BT phone line can now use the same line to receive the protection and security afforded by a redcare or redcare gsm connection.

Broadband technology is proliferating at a rate of 20,000 new connections a week, and the demand among redcare customers for broadband compatibility has been growing accordingly.

Because they operate at different frequencies, redcare and ADSL signals do not interfere with one another. Unaffected by ADSL signals, redcare still uses the same continuously monitored low tone and 2-minute polling.

Easy as 1-2-3

There is no change in the price of redcare service or in the level of security it offers. redcare alarm monitoring services that share a phone line with a broadband connection maintain their Grade 4 security rating, and there is no change in the ordering process. You don’t even need to specify that the redcare service will run over a broadband-enabled phone line.

However, Installers should note that customers who want to use a data device (eg fax machine, PSTN modem or digital communicator) on the same line must have an ADSL microfilter and a redcare mcd installed. For these installations, the microfilter should be installed first, nearer the Network Terminating Point than the mcd.

ADSL microfilters are available from BT or from computer retailers such as dabs.com. The redcare mcd should be purchased direct from BT redcare. (Note: the ADSL modem does not require an mcd.)

In all instances, it is important for customers to confirm the availability of broadband using the broadband availability checker at www.bt.com.

Restrictions include:

  • Not compatible with PBX lines or non-BT lines
  • Not yet available on redirect, redcare isdn, redline or red abc
  • Not available over Home Highway, ISDN or ISDN30
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