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Crosby Intruder Alarms are proud of the variety of skills available to them. We offer full design, installation, service, repair and maintenance to the following types of systems.

(1). Hardwired Alarm Systems.

We offer a variety of systems specifically designed and installed to the requirements of an individual customer. Using the very latest in established technology we can offer a range of control and indicating equipment from Texecom, HKC, Risco & Honeywell. We use the Texecom panels to update the iD addressable systems that we fitted many years ago, where up to thirty devices of differing types, (magnetic contacts, movement detectors, shock sensors, panic buttons, smoke detectors, temperature sensors or even a door bell) can be connected to a single pair of wires or data bus. The iD system offers a simple seven segment LED display which offers abbreviated English text, or a full LCD display that gives details of operators together with time, day & date. Alarm zones are also displayed by area name as opposed to zone number.

Recently introduced to product portfolio is the Texecom Premier control panel, which affords all the benefits of an iD system with the added advantage of full remote upload and download making it the ideal choice for commercial organisations whether they have just one site or hundreds of sites around the U.K.

For larger commercial installations we also offer the Texecom Premier Elite or Honeywell Galaxy range of control equipment. These panels can cater for up to 514 individual alarm zones, and once connected to a suitable modem, our control room can dial into the system for down loading of software, the extraction of management reports, remote resetting of the system, or remote servicing and diagnosis of faults. The Premier Elite & Galaxy panels can also be programmed to alert our control, (or our customers) after reporting alarm activation’s to the Alarms Receiving Centre. Monthly opening/closing and activation reports together with day, date, time and operator identification can be produced if required. With the introduction of Radio based products, the Texecom Premier Elite range has now been extended even further, with the addition of Ricochet Technology.

Domestic and commercial installations can be connected to your own security control room, or to an alarms receiving centre, who after verifying an alarm activation, will report the activation to the necessary authorities.

(2). Closed Circuit Television.

With the Senior Partner coming from the television servicing industry, it was a natural progression to enter into the CCTV field. We offer a wide range of quality overt cameras, offering high quality images for either fixed or fully functional camera heads. These can be controlled from off-site locations if required. With the introduction of surface mount technology, the size of camera equipment has been greatly reduced. It is now possible to fit a camera into a wide range of every day products, such as clocks, smoke detectors, plug-in power supplies, or alarm type passive infra-red detectors. We are happy to assess the possibility of hiding card cameras in any existing product. Now that Smartphones have become so popular, it is possible to view your CCTV system via an “app” on your phone in near real time (depending on the network and connection speed).

We can offer a full range of closed circuit television products in both fixed or fully functional or day/night or colour variants.

(3). Access Control.

We offer comprehensive solutions to access control problems, from a simple single door application, up to a PC based multiple entry point system.

Using digital keypads, card readers or proximity detectors to operate access control units we can offer a wide range of varying applications.

We recommend PAC as our preferred access control system. This can be a simple stand alone system, or a fully networked PC based system.

(4) Security Lighting.

From simple single area applications, to multiple detector head and floodlight installations, complete with audio indication if required, we can install a security lighting system, designed to meet your requirements.

(5). Fire Alarms.

If a simple one zone fire alarm is required, then we can offer full installation and service facility, the same can be offered if your requirement is a multi-zone analogue addressable system.

(6). Local Area Paging.

For small industrial or caravan park applications, we can offer a range of local area radio paging options, tailored to your individual requirements.

(7). Caravan Park Security.

Utilising a range of VHF and UHF products, we can offer a range of security alarm systems aimed at Caravan Parks.

We can cater for the smallest to the largest park, and can tailor most installations to fit the constraints of your budget. All the systems offer total control of each caravan alarm by its owner, but giving them the peace of mind in knowing that it will report to a central base station, should a problem occur.

The security system can be configured to activate external sounders, radio-pagers of security lighting. Specific applications will always be considered.

(8). Door Entry Systems.

We can install or repair all makes of audio and video door entry systems, from simple one door units to digital multi-door apartment systems. We install Videx or Fermax systems which can be integrated into security or CCTV installations.

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