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About Us

A Family Business with over 30 years experience

Established in 1984, Crosby Intruder Alarms has developed into one of Merseyside’s premier independent security alarm companies.

We now have installations throughout the UK and can offer a full installation and back-up service nationwide. We only use the finest quality products and pride ourselves on the quality of our installation. The company has an interesting history from it’s inception in 1984 and maintained steady growth to become a leader in it’s field.

Roy Williams

Roy Williams

Co-Founder / Partner
Roy sadly passed away on 17th April 2020.

Ann Williams

Ann Williams

Co-Founder / Partner
Over 30 years in the business.

Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams

Over 15 years in the business.

Time Line

The Early Years – A Fledgling Business

The idea of Crosby Intruder Alarms was developed in the early 1980s when two friends, both television engineers, where told that the owner of the company that they worked for was going to retire, and because he could not negotiate the sale of the company, it was to close with the loss of all jobs.

The television industry was going through massive changes at this time. Products had become much more reliable and all the rental companies had begun to feel the squeeze. It was decided at this time that we would like a second string to our bows, so to speak. Another engineer had gone to work for a friend of his as general manager of a security control panel manufacturer, and it was he who suggested that we form a security alarm company.

Providing a quality service

After extensive research in the market it was clear that there were two defined sales areas. The budget, lower end of the market, usually consisting of systems that are non British Standard, and are fitted purely to a low cost, and systems that are custom designed to give maximum protection, possibly as an insurance requirement, where only the best quality equipment was used, and the system is installed to comply with the requirements of BS4737.

As firm believers in quality, it was decided that the former option was not the direction that we wanted to pursue, and we undertook to install quality systems that complied with the British Standard.

Building the business

As Roy and his business partner were both offered jobs within the television industry, it was decided that they would use their spare time to build up a reputation for the company, prior to taking the plunge full time. Over the next two years, working evenings and weekends they built up a good customer base of quality installations that people could rely on. A good deal of those customers, over the years, have now had two or three installations from us, and have recommended us to friends and relatives.

A Solid Foundation

Investing in the future

Because both business partners were still in full employment, all profits where re-invested in the company. This gave us capital to invest in items of equipment to improve the service that we offered. A substantial amount of money was devoted to the purchase of a private mobile radio system. This gave us communication between vehicles and the base station. This has subsequently been replaced now with cellular phones and  has now been upgraded to Smartphones & Tablets, allowing our Technicians to carry manuals and other information on their phones as well as completing job reports electronically.

They used this time also to develop their sales and installation skills, and have always prided ourselves on the quality of our workmanship. The ability to hide cables, refit carpets etc. are skills that can only be developed with practice.


With their background in the television industry, it was decided to diversify from just installing security alarms. Closed circuit television was the obvious market to look at. However, for most of the early to middle eighties the majority of CCTV systems installed, were large industrial or urban systems, installed by the multi-national companies, so it was very difficult to enter this particular market. However, with persistence we were able to establish a customer base for the smaller installations, usually corner shops etc., and have now progressed to multi-camera installations, using the very latest IP technology. Back in the mid eighties we completed the first installation in the UK where a local Parish Council has funded domestic CCTV systems for 98% of its residents, a fact that entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Company Accounts

We actively sought to obtain the accounts of certain large companies, and were successful with a number of bookmakers, a cleaning company and various house builders. This gave us a regular supply of good quality installations. Some of these original large companies still deal with us today. We have most recently secured a contract with a national chain of shops, initially covering 100 miles around Liverpool but we have now expanded to support them on a National Basis.


We firmly believe in the training of all our engineers, all are qualified to City & Guilds standard or more recently the FESS Trailblazer Apprenticeship, mostly to Technician Level 3 and engineers are regularly sent on manufacturers courses. We regularly hold training sessions of our own to introduce new products and systems, or to discuss the special requirements of an individual engineer.

Product testing

All the products that we use are thoroughly tested in our own workshops prior to being included on our preferred products catalogue. We will generally not use any product that has not been on open sale for at least six months. This we believe, is the only way that we can guarantee quality.

Manufacturers are under extreme pressure to bring new products to the market place as quickly as possible, this however means that new products cannot be tested as they should be, so by waiting six months we allow other less cautious installation companies to locate the software bugs etc., at their customers expense. We regularly take part in manufacturers field trials of new products.

In Conclusion

This Website is intended to offer an indication of the range of security services offered by Crosby Intruder Alarms. If you have a specific requirement that is not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us with your problem, if there is a solution, we will find it for you. Crosby Intruder Alarms are firmly committed to quality, and to this end are, through SSAIB, a UKAS accredited company. In the late eighties, we became an approved installer with the IAAI trade organisation, because we wanted to give ourselves credibility. Unfortunately, following the death of the Chief Executive, the organisation ceased to trade. We looked around for an alternative, and decided on the AISC. We are proud to be one of the first five companies to be approved by the AISC, proud also because we where an approved company prior to approval being made a condition of remaining on the Merseyside Police recognised installer list. In May 2001, the AISC merged with two of the other Inspectorates to form the Security Systems & Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB).

Roy Williams

Roy sadly passed away on 17th April 2020. He leaves a big hole in the business and in our lives. Roy was a well respected member of the Security Industry and trained up alot of our competitors apprentices where he taught at North West Training Council for over 20 years.

RIP Roy, he is sadly missed by us all and all of our customers.

Gareth Williams

Gareth has worked with his mum and dad and joined the family business in 2008 as an apprentice. After completing his apprenticeship he worked his way up to Business & IT Development Manager and then later became Operations Manager. When Roy, Gareth’s dad passed away, Ann asked Gareth to become a partner in the business which an offer which he gladly accepted. Gareth has also started teaching at North West Training Council, following in his dads footsteps.


Gareth J. Williams & Ann E. Williams


Talk to the family friendly business with expertise in the industry dating back to 1984

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