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Nurse Call Systems

Crosby Intruder Alarms are Aid-Call, trained trade partners. This means that we are able to supply, commission, maintain and install Aid-Call Wireless Nurse Call Products.

Aid-Call, a trading divison of Tynetec, now owned by Legrand and have been established for over 30 years and have been leading the way in wireless nurse call technology. Aid-Call were the first wireless nurse call manufacturer to ensure that every touchable element of their system is embedded with anti-microbial additives to help combat the spread of infection.

We would be more than happy to undertake a Wireless Survey at your premises, free of charge to provide you with a no obligation quotation for a Wireless Nurse Call System. We can even arrange for a demonstration of the equipment if required from the Manufacturers.


The Aid-Call, Touchsafe Pro System Panels are available in two sizes 10″ and 15″, both incorporate touch screen technology with antimicrobial additives to prevent growth of harmful micro-organisms.

Accessories Include:

  • Door Monitoring – If internal or external doors are opened nurses will be alerted on the display panel
  • Floor Pressure Mat – Designed to detect residents who are prone to wander, especially at night which could result in an accident or a fall
  • Pendant – Can be worn around the neck of a patient and allow the patient to call staff if they need help from anywhere in their room
  • Movement Detector – Designed to protect unrestricted areas or detect wandering residents

The Call Points are fitted to Bedrooms and Common Areas and are mounted on a wall mount bracket. There are various Call Points available, LCD & Non-LCD Variants are available along with Cardiac and Emergency Buttons fitted. The type of call point required is determined at the survey.

Pagers can also be added to the system allowing staff to walk around without having to be local to the Display Panels.


Additional devices can be used for the following:-

  • Epilepsy
  • Incontinence
  • Environmental Controls
  • Sip/Puff Switches
  • Sound Activated Switches

As well as installing the Aid-Call equipment we can also offer Service, Maintenance & Installation of Hardwired Nurse Call Systems. We use manufacturers such as SAS & C-Tec for the Hardwired Solution.

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  • The proposed equipment is of the same specification as ours
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