External Sounders

Our External Sounders

Below is information about our Orisec & HKC External Sounders

Orisec Wired External Sounder

After extensive testing and research we have decided to use the Orisec ES-330 External Sounder as our primary Hard Wired Sounder. We were in fact the first company in the world to receive this External Sounder.

The External Sounder features a Twin Piezo 115dB Sounder and we fit the D-Lux Backlight as standard (hard wired variant only) meaning that the sounder is illuminated during the hours of darkness, which is a great visual deterrent along with the comfort LED’s which flash away 24/7 whether the system is armed or disarmed.

The sounder is fully compliant with Grade 3 so it can be used on all of our installations and is built from a Polycarbonate Construction.

The Decoy Sounder variant is fitted with Orisec’s own Flash Module which also makes the Decoy Sounder look more realistic.


  • Grade 3
  • 115 dB
  • Twin Piezo
  • Retained Front Cover Locking Screws
  • Rotating Mounting Feet
  • Polycarbonate Construction

You can view what the sounder looks like above.

The Orisec Wireless Systems also use the same style External Sounder, however they are not illuminated as standard although they can be with the installation of an additional cost Power Supply. Also, the LED’s on the wireless sounders are controlled by a timer and do not flash 24/7


HKC External Sounder

For our HKC Wireless Installations we use the HKC RF-SABB. The HKC RF-SABB is completely battery operated although it can be locally powered with the installation of an additional cost Power Supply and battery.
Available in Grade 2 Only the External Sounder features a Single Piezo 109dB Sounder and with the installation of an additional battery pack, has LED’s which flash once every 5 seconds, 24/7. These LED’s are powered from their own battery pack meaning that the main battery pack can be reserved for the sounder and LED strobe in the event of an activation.


  • Grade 2
  • 109 DB
  • Single Piezo
  • Two-Way Wireless Communication
  • High Intensity LED Strobe
  • Resin Protected Electronics
  • Contains Batteries

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