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Holiday Park Owners

Security for Holiday Park Owners

As an owner of a Holiday Park we understand that Security Systems need to be discrete and robust. This is why we have thoroughly tested our system before coming to market. We understand that your Holiday Park cannot look like a “Prison Camp” as this could give the wrong impression to your Holiday Makers.

Reliable, Cost-Effective…

The Wireless Alarm system we use is a reliable, cost effective solution that gives Park Owners and Holiday Home Owners complete control of their system.

Our model has been designed to give you the facility to monitor all systems for yourself, allowing you to control each installation & be made aware of problems or potential problems should they arise. We will conduct all business through the Holiday Park Owner and will not deal directly with the end user, unless you wish for us to do so.

The prices we agree are individually set by yourself and these are the prices that we will quote if asked directly.

Modern Technology

Unlike some of our competitors, our system uses GPRS/GSM or Wifi Cloud Monitoring and each system is polled once every hour to ensure that the communication is still “Live”.

In the event that a Caravan or Lodge Alarm misses a poll a Communication Error message will be sent to the Site Base Station & End Users & Park Security/Wardens if they require this information.

Alarm Overview

Each of our systems can be individually tailored to meet the needs of the Caravan or Lodge, this in turn allows you to offer peace of mind to your customers that their Holiday Home is protected from Intrusion or Fire all year round.

Our Systems are:-

  • Mains Powered – The Control Panel is powered by the mains, this allows you to monitor the mains for failures minimising the risk of food poisoning if a freezer defrosts and re-freezes again
  • Battery Backup – The Control Panel has a battery backup giving you peace of mind that your unit is still protected for up to 12 hours in the event of a mains failure
  • Wireless Detectors – Each Detector on the System is powered by a 3V Lithium Battery which lasts for 3 years
  • Flexible – With a range of Detection Devices available we can protect Holiday Homes from Intrusion, Fire and Co, up to 70 wireless devices can be programmed into each Control Panel
  • Controllable – With the App available for Android and iOS Devices, you can be in control of each Holiday Home on your site from the base station of your own mobile phone


How our System Works:-

Each Caravan has their own Control Panel installed within the unit, this can be armed by means of a Keypad, Keyswitch or Keyfob. The Control Panel has a GSM/GPRS Module* installed within it allowing connection to our Cloud Server. In the event of an activation a “Push Notification” is sent from the Cloud to the App. Once this is received you can log in to the system via the App, turn off the Alarm System after seeing what is activated, reset the alarm and then set the system again. All of these events are logged and the last 100 events can be downloaded on the App and E-Mailed from your Smartphone or Tablet.

As part of the package with the Park Installation, we supply a 7″ Tablet which is installed within your Site Office or Wardens Office. This is set up to receive notifications from each system and acts as a “Base Station”. This will receive push notifications for events such as “Set, Unset, Fire, CO Detection, Intruder, Mains Fail, Fault & Polling Errors. We then install the App on the Park Staff’s Smart Phones and set these up to receive notifications for “Intruder & Fire” so that they can respond as required. The App can then be installed on the Holiday Home Owners Phone and can be set up to receive whichever notifications they require. If your staff don’t have a Smart Phone, we can always set it up for SMS Notifications or Voice Calls from each Caravan.

We then also have the facility from our offices to dial into each system and if there is a fault remotely interrogate each system from our PC without the need to visit site, cutting down on call out charges.

Although the system was originally designed as an Intruder Alarm we have the facility to add on Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors & CO Detectors again offering peace of mind to your Holiday Home Owners.

*Annual Monitoring Charge Applies



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