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Home Automation – An Introduction

Intelligent Living will be known as “Home Automation” to many people. This is the ability for a number of systems around the property to interact with each other making life easier. These can be lighting systems, heating systems, security systems, CCTV, access control, automatic gates and audio visual systems. What we mean by this can vary greatly, but lets look at home security to start with.

System Integration

wallpanelOur Intruder Alarm control panels can interconnect with many home automation systems allowing one simple button push at the bedside at night time, to not only switch all the ground floor lights off, but maybe close the outside gates, close any curtains not previously pulled over, switch bedroom lights to say 50% brightness, dimming to 0% over the next 15 mins, switch the heating to a lower temperature and finally turn the alarm on.

Should the alarm activate, you could program the home automation system to flash all the external lights, close electronic gates and communicate to the house holder, allowing pictures from their CCTV system to be displayed on their mobile phone, anywhere in the world.

Lets look at a fire alarm activation. Our system could be programmed to open the electronic gates to allow the fire brigade in, switch on all hallway and passageway lighting to assist egress from the property and maybe even flash the external lights to draw attention to the property.


Disabled Living

Intelligent Living systems are not just fitted to multi-million pound houses, there is a big market in aids for the disabled. Take someone who is confined to a wheel-chair. They want to close the curtains when it starts to go dark, but have to rely on a neighbour to come in. We can install a system that with one simple button push on a remote control or by a simple voice command, will close all the curtains in the house and put lights on in the rooms that need to be illuminated.

lightingMood Lighting

Many large domestic and some commercial properties have “mood lighting” installations fitted. These allow combinations of lights and colours to be varied to allow different moods to be set up in a room. So for reading you would have bright lighting, watching TV a reduced subdued light and for that romantic meal maybe a low, coloured light; any combination of intensity and colour is possible.

The All In One Remote Control

Remote controls for TV’s, Sky boxes, DVD players, Hi-Fi systems have always been a pain! There’s so many that you loose them, forget what each button does or even forget which remote controls which piece of equipment. Our systems can include one single remote control that can be programmed to operate not only all of the above audio visual equipment, but can also control the home automation system and hence the heating, security, cctv, lighting; everything, you can even now do this from your voice! The beauty of using a system such as this means that because we programme the remote, what would normally take many button pushes to say switch the TV on, switch the Sky box on, select the correct AV input on the TV and set up the video to record from the Sky box all this can be achieved by one press of a single button on the remote control unit or by one simple voice command.

Living Abroad?

Got a property abroad? How good would it be to know what is happening whilst you are not there? We can install security and CCTV systems that will send you a push notification if anything goes wrong. Or you are planning to visit your holiday home. Its winter, so although its warmer than here, there still may be a chill in the air. The problem can be solved by loading an app on your smart phone communicating with the intelligent living system and switch the heating on from the airport, so its nice and warm when you arrive. (The air conditioning can be controlled in the same way).


When you are at your property abroad, you could also monitor your property in the UK in the same way, giving total peace of mind. We have a solution to virtually any question that you can ask about home automation/intelligent living.

Sound Distribution

Specialising in Legrand Nuvo Sound Distribution Systems we can install multi zone audio throughout your home again this can be controlled off your phone or a nice tablet that can be wall mounted located within the hallway. Each Nuvo player is capable of playing music in 3 zones, you can have the same radio station/track playing in all zones or different music in each zone, it is a very flexible system and will integrate with Deezer and Spotify as well as your own music library on your phone or smart device.

We only use high quality speakers and after much testing we have decided on the “Speakercraft” range of speakers. The ceiling mounted speakers sit nearly flush with the ceiling and the sound quality from them is amazing. We can also install outdoor speakers allowing you to take the music outside for your parties or if you want to relax on your balcony or garden.

Unfortunately, this system has to be hard wired so it does not lend itself to retro fits but we try to hide the wiring as much as we possibly can. 

By using Alexa along with devices from Sonoff we can allow you to control your lights, heaters, table lamps, televisions and more by using your voice or an app on your smartphone. We can also create various scenes so you can say for instance “Alexa movie time”, this could then turn of your bright lights, turn on low level lighting and turn on your TV all from one command.

By strategically placing  Amazon Echo Dots at key locations in your property we can ensure that you can control the system with your voice from all rooms around your house.

Amazon Alexa

By using Alexa it is important that your WiFi signal is strong throughout the house and you have a good quality Broadband Connection. We can also install WiFi for you as we specialise in Ubiquiti Access Points and can also limit bandwidth to give the Home Automation priority over the network to prevent lagging.

We can also install a smart thermostat to control your heating giving you full control from your Smart Phone and Voice.

As we further develop this market, we are looking at introducing other products into our portfolio such as the Legrand My Home Up System. More details on this will follow in due course.

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