RING Doorbell

ring Door Bell

Crosby Intruder Alarms are installers of the ring Doorbell Solution.

There are various types of Doorbell available depending on your application.

  • ring Video Doorbell 2 – This can operate in battery only mode making it ideal if you don’t have an existing doorbell. It can also be powered from an 8-24VAC Power Source. This offers 1080P high definition images.
  • ring Video Doorbell Pro – This is a hardwired solution making it ideal if you already have a hard wired doorbell installed. It is much slimmer than the Video Doorbell 2 and features a sleek design.
  • ring Video Doorbell Elite – This is a professional-grade doorbell which is powered by POE (Power Over Ethernet).

All of the Doorbell’s allow you to view a live stream, have 1080p Video, have built in Night Vision LED’s and allow you to set up custom motion alerts when someone approaches the Door Bell.

When someone rings the Doorbell you receive a notification through to your Smart Phone, this can be either Android or iOS. You can then view only, or have the opportunity for 2 way voice allowing you to speak to the caller wherever you are in the world providing you have a data connection on your phone.

The Doorbell’s require a good WiFi Signal, so we recommend that the Chime Pro is installed which boosts your WiFi Signal as well as giving you an internal chime inside the property as you would get with a normal Doorbell.


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