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Domestic & Commercial VSS Solutions

From a simple domestic single camera system, right up to a remotely monitored, fully functional pan, tilt and zoom system with multiple cameras, Crosby Intruder Alarms can design a High Definition VSS system to meet your exacting requirements, for a lot less than you think.

Using equipment from professional VSS manufacturers, we can install quality systems that are colour in the day time and switch to black and white at night by using Infra-Red technology, or even stay in colour 24/7 by using white light technology. Systems can be installed both internally and externally.

Multiple images can be displayed on a single monitor by using a number of preset display modes built into the recording equipment.

Video transmission systems mean that images from your cameras can be sent to anywhere in the world, or to a dedicated VSS monitoring station. All recorders that we use have TCP/IP functionality built in allowing you to remotely view your VSS over the internet on a PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

On large sites, pre-determined camera routines can be programmed so that the cameras can regularly tour the site recording images as they go.

Audio communication from the ARC is also possible, allowing the controller to inform the intruder that they have been detected and that the Police have been dispatched.

Hard Disk & Network Video Recorders

There are many different makes and models of hard disk & network video recorders available today, which makes it extremely difficult to choose the best system to use. After extensive tests of various systems, we chose the Uniview IP & Analogue Recorders.

The recorders offer a solution to provide a tailor made recorder that meets our clients requirements. The recorders can be expanded up to 30TB and can easily give in excess of thirty days of high definition recordings for all 16 cameras, depending on the model installed.

As well as installing AHD (Analogue High Definition) Systems we also install IP Based Systems which can offer images up to 12 Megapixel. VSS Technology is evolving daily with new technology coming to the market at a rapid pace.

We carry out a free no obligation site survey to determine the best solution to meet your needs and the requirements of the property.


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