Peace of Mind

A monitored system affords total peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that if your alarm activates, trained professional controllers will respond to that call 24 hours a day, every day.

Our chosen monitoring centres are SMC Custodian, part of SMC (Security Monitoring Centres) & East Midlands Central Station (EMCS) and we use them both for all our monitoring requirements. They provide the link between your alarm system and the Police or Fire service. False alarms are filtered to ensure that only genuine calls are passed to the authorities, greatly reducing call-outs (and possible charges) from false alarms. Custom routines can be instigated to meet your most exacting demands.

We have direct access to Custodian’s & EMCS’s computer network allowing us to instantly amend keyholders or other vital information, as well as being able to print site information or activation reports, with up to the minute accuracy. Systems are easily put on test from our own control centre, allowing us more flexibility with our monitored systems.

We can also now give you as an end user to the Custodian Portal so you can view live events as well as place your own systems on test and amend keyholders accordingly. For more information please visit the TOUCH page on our website which can be found in our Support Centre.

CSL DualCom DigiAir (Insurance Grade 2)

This is the simplest form of connection to the ARC. This is a single path communicator which uses GPRS Technology eliminating the need for a dedicated Phone Line, if an alarm activation occurs, the communicator dials out to the ARC. Once the activation has been confirmed by the controller telephoning the premises, the appropriate action will be taken to summon the keyholders and authorities.s 


Emizon IP Monitoring (Insurance Grade 4)

Emizon is a more advanced form of monitoring than that offered by the CSL DualCom DigiAir, The system was designed and operated by Emizon Networks who have recently been purchased by the CSL Group, who own DualCom. The Emizon Unit (TCD) can be connected to any IP Network. If the IP Network to the premises is cut, an “IP Path Fail” signal will be sent to the ARC, who will respond as agreed. The system will then still communicate over the GPRS Communication Path offering Dual Path Signalling.

CSL DualCom Pro

We can now offer a wider choice of communication devices such as the CSL-DualCom Pro to our range. DualCom Pro works in a similar way to Emizon and uses the IP Network as it’s primary signalling path with GPRS as a backup path. We can also offer Radio/Radio Dual-Path Solutions for premises who do not have Broadband available. 

With each communication system, a number of differing signals can be sent to the ARC, they include:

  • Fire
  • Panic Alarm
  • Intruder
  • Open/Close
  • Low Battery
  • Test
  • Abort
  • Confirmed Alarm
  • Zone Omitted
  • IP, PSTN or GPRS Path Fail

We now favour SIA signalling which gives the ARC more information for each signal received such as which zone has activated and which user has set and unset the system. (Control Panel dependent).

HKC SecureComm & CSL Connected

Our HKC Control Panels can have an additional module installed to allow connection to their Cloud Service called Securecomm. This will allow you to self monitor your alarm system via an app installed on your smartphone as well as allow control of your Intruder Alarm Panel. We can also use the same communication devices to transmit signals through to the ARC as well as offer Self Communication, this is at an additional cost.

The Orisec Control Panels also have the ability to have CSL Connected installed again allowing you to use Orisec’s own Communication Cards for their app and to transmit signals through to an ARC.

How monitored systems work

  • The alarm activates and sends a signal via the signalling device to the Alarms Receiving Centre.
  • A Trained Controller calls your premises and will cancel the call if you give your dedicated password.
  • Police or Fire services are dispatched if you indicate that help is required or contact with the premises or keyholders cannot be established, providing a “Confirmed Alarm, Fire Alarm or Panic Alarm” signal has been received. 

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