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Crosby Intruder Alarms offer a wide range of the finest quality products available today. All our products are rigorously tested prior to being included into our product portfolio. This doesn’t mean that they will NEVER go faulty, but it does mean that the probability of faults developing is greatly reduced.

As with all electronic equipment, prices of security products are cheaper today than say ten years ago. However, there is now a great quantity of inferior equipment available, which, because of its price, may be of interest to some companies. All products used by Crosby Intruder Alarms are branded makes, manufactured by companies with a name for producing quality products, within the industry. A list of our preffered manufacturers is available below, however we do support some other manufactures:-

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Our Amazing Price Guarantee

We guarantee to beat any companies quotations, provided that:

  • The company is either SSAIB or NSI (NACOSS) approved
  • The proposed equipment is of the same specification as ours
  • You provide us with a copy of a written quotation
  • The quotation is less than 1 Month old