A Unique Deterrent

Crosby Intruder Alarms are approved installers of the unique Smokecloak system, manufactured by MSS Professional Smokecloak Limited. This intuitive smoke generation system can connect to your security alarm system, or be connected to its own stand alone system, providing the ultimate in security.

Once the alarm is activated, the area that the Smokecloak is located in rapidly fills with a dense smoke, typically within 20-30 seconds.


Smokecloak RaidThis type of system is typically installed in areas where high value products such as televisions, videos, computers etc are displayed or stored.

There are a number of different models available designed to suite a range of room sizes. Single or multiple smoke generators can be installed to each site if required. Although the name Smokecloak suggests a cloud of onerous smoke billowing out, what is actually produced is a harmless vapour made from a food product based glycol fluid. It is completely safe, even for people with severe asthmatic or respiratory problems. It is also harmless to computer and other electronic equipment.

With the introduction of the Easy Range of Smokecloak products we can offer even more effective and quicker coverage than ever before, and they look pretty good too.

Some example videos of Smokecloak in action can be found below:-


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