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Security Solutions to fit all sizes

Audible Only

From a small terraced house to the biggest mansion, from a tiny corner shop to the largest factory complex, we have the security solution that’s right for you and your property.

Audible only or “bells” only systems make up the vast majority of all systems installed today. They offer local warning of an intrusion and rely heavily on a response from neighbours or passers by.

Control panels in this category range from key operated panels (no longer installed) to full English text display models. The advantage of the larger panels, with full text displays becomes obvious once the alarm activates. A plain English description of the zone that has activated is displayed on the keypad, giving the property owner forewarning of the area of intrusion, without having to revert to zones lists to see which zone corresponds with the indicator that has lit.

Self-Monitored Systems

Offer all the benefits of the audible only system, but with the added advantage of communicating with your Smart Phone (Apple iOS or Android) in the event of the alarm activating by sending you a push notification via an App. You can also control your alarm system from the app allowing you to remotely arm and disarm the system, as well as interrogate the event log and control outputs if required.

Communicated Systems

Offer all the benefits of the audible only system, but with the added advantage of communicating with an Alarms Receiving Centre (ARC) in the event of the alarm activating, thus guaranteeing a response.

Internal Sounders

Give low level indication of entry/exit and chime tones together with high level alarm tones to frighten off an intruder.

External Sounders


The modern replacement to the old bell system, these sirens are very loud, (typically in excess of 100 decibels). The external sounders that we use are the Orisec ES-530 & the HKC SABB , all are rated at 117dB @ 1 metre which is extremely loud. The internal electronics are housed within their own polycarbonate box, protecting them from the elements. The units come complete with self-activating modules and battery back-up, and a flashing strobe light, illuminated front cover (Orisec Only) and two comfort LED’s. The cases are an attractive shape and are constructed from 3mm polycarbonate plastic, affording a high level of impact protection.

Magnetic Contacts

DoorContactA two part device normally fitted to doors and windows. They come in many differing formats, surface, flush, heavy duty, and armoured to name but a few. The contact is secured to the fixed part of the door or window, with the magnet fitted to the opening section. Once the door or window is opened to a pre-determined point, typically 10-30mm, the alarm will activate.

Passive Infra-Red Detectors

Typically located to the corner of a room, the PIR will detect movement within the protected area. They work by detecting changes in infra-red energy.

DT8M-DTPI8M_hiPet Friendly & Dual Technology Detectors

Operate in a similar way to the passive infra-red detectors, but require the additional operation of the on-board microwave detector to generate an alarm condition. These detectors are intelligent and can tell the difference between pets and people.

Personal Attack Buttons

Panic Button

Sometimes called panic buttons, these are devices that remain active even if the alarm is switched off.

When both buttons are pressed at the same time, the alarm will be activated both internally and externally. If this system is used with a Police calling system, the personal attack system can be programmed to communicate with the ARC without generating an alarm at the premises. This will allow the Police to respond without alerting the intruders.

Break-Glass Detectors

Another dual-technology device that responds not only to the frequency of breaking glass, but due to its unique “flex” technology, detects the flexing of the glass prior to it breaking, thus reducing false alarms.

ViperSeismic Inertia Detectors

Seismic Inertia Detectors detect low frequency vibration set up in the frame of a door or window as an intruder tries to force entry. The device includes a sensitivity adjustment allowing the alarm technician to “tune” the detector to the individual door or window. Some inertia detectors also incorporate a “gross” attack adjustment.

Remote Access

The control panels that we install include the Orisec and HKC range of control panels. These can allow the user to dial into their site and control their alarm system via an app on their smart device. This means that following a phone call to the householder, a neighbour can enter the property once the home owner has turned off the alarm. When they are clear, the home owner can then turn the alarm back on. Various outputs on the control panel can also be operated, allowing, for example, lights or central heating to be controlled.

Remote Service & Diagnostics

Many of the panels that we install allow remote service and diagnostics, which allow our technicians to remotely diagnose problems, reset systems or completely reprogram the system without having to attend the premises. These panels include the Orisec and the HKC Range of Control Pan


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