COVID-19 Statement

UPDATED 06/01/2021

To All Our Valued Customers

Existing, Potential & New

The safety of our staff and customers is important to ourselves, so we have put the following measures in place to keep everyone as safe as possible when attending repairs & maintenance visits:-

• Our Office Staff are now working from home and will only enter the office to receive deliveries, the office continues to remain closed to the public & reps from our suppliers. This will remain like this for the foreseeable future.

• Site visits are now being carried out remotely unless a site visit is deemed as essential, if this is the case Social Distancing Guidelines will be followed at all times and questions will be asked by our staff prior to entering your property in relation to COVID-19.

• Technicians are carrying out calls as normal and are issued with PPE (masks) and will wear this at all times when in your property, they are also issued with hand sanitiser for use when soap and water is not available but will ask to wash their hands on arrival and departure of your property.

• Customers will not be asked to sign off jobs on our Technicians PDA’s this is to reduce the contact between customers and our Technicians.

• Customers will be asked to keep at least 2m away from our Technicians maintaining Social Distancing Advice.

• If you are vulnerable and are isolating for any reason or are shielding due to age or medical conditions, then we will only attend your property in the event of an emergency call, we will not be carrying out routine maintenance visits if you fall into this category. The visit will also be at the discretion of our Technician.

• Calls will be triaged and you will be asked questions when we take the call. If you or any of your family members have any symptoms of COVID-19, unfortunately we will not attend your premises. We will however, talk you through as much as we can over the phone in the event of an emergency.

• Deliveries to the Office will be left within the Office Entrance area maintaining “Contactless Delivery”. For further advice on COVID-19 please visit We want everyone to remain as safe as possible and hope that everyone can return to their normal lives as soon as possible.

Gareth Williams



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